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Belize Business Directory


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Directory Submission

  • Enter your company name
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  • Only businesses with a local Belizean address will be accepted.
  • to be publicly displayed as Contact Email in directory
  • please provide a description of the services provided by company.
  • Checkout Information

    All checkout information will not be published in the directory listing
  • Should be name associated with PayPal email
  • Price: $25.00
    2 year Directory Listing, (one listing per category) We will review all submissions prior to publishing. All submissions will be reviewed within 2 business days. If not approved, submission will be completely refunded. *We reserve the right to refuse any submission. Among other things, illegal enterprises, spam sites or businesses, pornography and similar submissions will not be accepted. **Payment will be processed through PayPal. *** Invoicing options are available upon request after an initial order has been placed here.
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